TuGo Travel Insurance

Whether you're adventuring abroad or taking a trip to a neighbouring province, TuGo Travel Insurance protects you and your loved ones. In addition, TuGo Travel Insurance offers you coverage for unexpected trip interruption and cancellation, and coverage for your favourite sport.

Available plans

  • Annual
    • Multi-trip worldwide
    • Multi-trip within Canada
  • Single
    • Worldwide
    • Worldwide excluding the USA
    • Within Canada


  • Maximum liability ($5,000,000)
  • Age limit (none)
  • Emergency medical treatment
    • Emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury
    • Services of physician
    • Private duty nursing
    • X-rays and laboratory services
    • Rental or purchase of essential medical appliances
  • Ambulance
  • Prescription drugs (30-day supply)
  • Professional medical services (up to $500 per practitioner)
  • Fracture treatment (up to $1,000)
  • Dental (up to $4,000)
  • Hospital allowance (up to $75 per day)
  • Emergency air transportation (up to policy limit)
  • Return of excess baggage (up to $600)
  • Return of travelling companion
  • Return of children/grandchildren
  • Repatriation (up to policy limit)
  • Family transportation
  • Out-of-pocket expenses (up to $500 per day)
  • Child Care (up to $500 per day)
  • Return of vehicle (up to $5,000)

Optional Coverages

  • Contact Sports (up to policy limit)
  • Adventure Sports (up to policy limit)
  • Extreme Sports (up to policy limit)