Manulife Student Insurance

Manulife student insurance offers those who are studying away from home a smart and economical way to help protect themselves against the cost of emergency medical and basic healthcare expenses and more. Family coverage is also available for immediate family members residing with the student.

Plans for Students

  • Inbound Students (International students studying in Canada)
  • Outbound Students (Canadians studying abroad)
  • National Students (Canadians studying in another province or territory)


  • Canadian students
    1. You are covered under a government health insurance plan from a Canadian province or territory
    2. You are under age 40
  • International students
    1. You are a full‑time student with proof of admission or enrollment; or
    2. You are a student completing post‑doctoral research; or
    3. You are a dependant and/or spouse of the student
    4. You are under age 40


  • Maximum limit ($2,000,000)
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage (up to $10,000)
  • One medical exam and one eye exam every year
  • Hospital
    • Up to 60 days for injury or illness
    • Up to 30 days for psychiatric care
    • Outpatient services
    • Emergency services
    • Medicines and/or drugs (30-day supply)
    • Rental of essential medical appliances
    • Private duty nursing (up to $15,000)
  • Health services
    • Physician services (plus up to 5 follow-up visits)
    • Paramedical services (up to $70 per visit, up to $700)
    • Psychiatric care (up to $5,000)
    • Trauma counseling (up to 6 visits)
    • Private duty nurse (up to $10,000)
    • Medical appliances
    • Diagnostic services
    • Prescription drugs (30-day supply)
  • Dental Services
    • Accidental injury (up to $2,500)
    • Pain relief (up to $100)
    • Wisdom tooth extraction (up to $250 a tooth)
  • Transportation
    • Ambulance (up to $5,000)
    • Emergency evacuation (up to $100,000)
    • Family to bedside and subsistence allowance (up to $4,500)
    • Repatriation of remains (up to $25,000)
  • Extras
    • Tuition reimbursement (up to $5,000)
    • Trip break to return home (up to 21 consecutive days)