TuGo Sports & Activities Insurance

Are you traveling for a sporting adventure? Make sure you add to your emergency travel insurance the Sports & Activities Coverage; with TuGo, amateurs and professionals alike can get coverage; all you have to do is to add Sports & Activities Coverage that applies to your favorite sport/activity.

TuGo will reimburse you for eligible hospital and medical-related expenses for sickness or accidents while participating in, coaching, teaching, training, or practicing for any of the following sports.


All sports/activities have a specific surcharge and minimum and maximum premium. If a traveler selects more than one sport/activity, they will only be charged for the sport/activity with the highest surcharge and a traveler will be covered for all sports/activities selected. The traveler has to select all the specific sports/activities they will be participating in, or training and practicing for during their trip.
Sports & Activities Limit Surcharge Min. Rate Max. Rate
Backcountry skiing/snowboarding Policy limit 200% $20 $200
BASE jumping $500,000 400% $80 $800
Boxing Policy limit 300% $30 $300
Downhill freestyle skiing/snowboarding
in organized competitions
Policy limit 250% $25 $250
Downhill mountain biking Policy limit 300% $30 $300
Hang gliding/paragliding $500,000 300% $60 $600
High-risk snowmobiling $500,000 500% $100 $1,000
Ice climbing Policy limit 250% $25 $250
Mixed martial arts Policy limit 300% $30 $300
Motorized speed contests $500,000 1,000% $1,000 N/A
Mountaineering Policy limit 250% $25 $250
Organized team sports
  • American and Canadian football
  • Ice hockey
  • Rugby
Not required for travelers aged 20 years
and under
Policy limit 50% $10 $100
Parachuting/skydiving/tandem skydiving $500,000 400% $80 $800
Rock climbing (includes canyoneering, but
does not include indoor rock climbing)
Policy limit 150% $15 $150
Scuba diving or free diving over 40 meters $500,000 400% $80 $800
White water sports — Class VI $500,000 300% $60 $600
Wingsuit flying $500,000 1,000% $1,000 N/A


All sports/activities not listed in the Sports & Activities Coverage are covered under the Emergency Medical Insurance plan, without having to purchase Sports & Activities Coverage with the exception of:
  • Barrel racing
  • Bronc riding
  • Bull riding
  • Chariot racing
  • Chuckwagon racing
  • Harness racing
  • Rodeo bareback riding
  • Rodeo clowning
  • Rodeo team roping
  • Steer wrestling/chute dogging
  • Trick riding

How to purchase Sports & Activities Coverage?

Sports & Activities Coverage can be added when you apply for Emergency Medical coverage.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the GET A QUOTE OR BUY ONLINE button below
  2. On the TuGo Online Quote page, start a quote, then click Get a Quote
  3. Click Customize in the Emergency Medical section
  4. Click Sports & Activities Coverage (View Details)
  5. Select one or multiple activities in dropbox and assign them to a traveler