GMS Travel Insurance

GMS Travel Insurance allows you to choose the coverage you need the most. Emergency Medical and Trip Cancellation Coverage can be purchased separately or as a bundle. In addition, when purchasing Trip Cancellation Coverage, baggage loss, damage, and delay protection are included at no extra cost.

Emergency Medical Coverage

Emergency Medical Coverage may be purchased as a Single-Trip Plan or Multi-Trip Annual Plan that provides limited coverage for multiple trips taken throughout the year.

Summary of Benefits

  • Maximum coverage (up to $5 million)
  • COVID-19 coverage (up to $500,000)
  • In-Hospital Care
  • Medical services
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Out-Patient Medical Treatment
  • Prescription Medication (30-day supply)
  • Rental of Essential Medical Appliances (not to exceed appliance price)
  • Emergency Dental Services (up to $2,000)
  • Private Duty Nursing (up to $5,000)
  • Health Practitioners ($300 per specialty)
  • Road Ambulance
  • Air Ambulance (up to $20,000)
  • Remote Evacuation (up to $20,000)
  • Repatriation
  • Special Attendant
  • Return of Family Member (up to $1,000)
  • Return & Escort of a Dependent Child/Grandchild
  • Family/Friend to Bedside (up to $3,000)
  • Round-Trip Air Transportation to Identify Remains (up to $2,000)
  • Return of Remains (up to $7,000)
  • Return of Vehicle (up to $2,000)
  • Return of Cat or Dog (up to $300)
  • Child Care (up to $500)
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses (up to $1,000)
  • Coverage Continuation

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Coverage

Trip Cancellation Coverage can be purchased as a Single-Trip  Plan, or a Multi-Trip Annual Plan. The Multi-Trip Plan offers specified coverage per trip for multiple trips taken throughout a policy year. A Multi-Trip Annual Plan is only available with the purchase of a Multi-Trip Annual Emergency Medical Plan.

    Insured Risks
  • Emergency Medical Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Death
  • Government Advisories & Visas
  • Employment and Occupation
  • Delays, Schedule Changes and Missed Connections
  • Default of a Travel Supplier
  • Other Risks