Tour+Med Travel Insurance

Since 1996, Tour+Med Travel Insurance products provide trusted protection to Canadians. Tour+Med Travel Insurance rates are affordable and competitive. Tour+Med Travel Insurance is one of the very few products that will consider applications that got declined, Their medical department can individually assess difficult cases, and come up with a personalized offer that will meet your needs.


Tour+Med Medical Travel Insurance

Tour+Med Travel Insurance covers your trips outside of your province of residence. Enjoy worry-free travel by making sure to purchase travel insurance before you leave.

Available plans

  • Per trip plan
    Per trip, plans are available for travelers aged from 3 months to 95 years old (inclusive). You are covered for trips outside of your province of residence for a maximum duration of 183 days (NB, QC, SK) or 212 days (AB, BC, MB, ON).
  • Family plan
    The family plan can ensure families with up to 4 children are on the same policy. This plan is available for trips of 48 days or less. Parents must be 59 years old or less, and children must be between 3 months and 21 years old on the departure date.
  • Multi-trip annual plan
    The multi-trip annual plan provides protection for a period of 365 consecutive days, covering trips of 8, 15, or 30 days or less. Your trip duration must not exceed the number of days covered by your plan. However, one can purchase a top-up if one's trip is longer. Tour+Med also provides top-ups if travelers have an annual plan somewhere else (group, credit card, or private travel insurance).


Tour+Med Non-Medical Travel Insurance

Tour+Med Travel Insurance also provides non-medical coverage. Protect yourself against a wide variety of travel emergencies such as lost baggage, canceled flights, missed connections, or canceled cruises.

Available plans

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption
    This insurance covers you in case of trip cancellation or interruption. Available for single trips for a maximum duration of 183 (NB, QC) or 212 (ON) days.
  • Non-Medical Package (which includes)
    • Trip Cancellation and Interruption
    • Baggage Insurance
      This insurance protects you if your travel belongings got lost, damaged, or stolen.
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
      Get covered for death or dismemberment in event of a travel or flight accident.